Types of tasting.

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The tasting is the sensorial analysis of a wine or its visual aspect valuation, its aromas as well as the flavours we recognise in it.

A priori, facing a tasting can be a little scary, but either we are professionals or amateurs we have to remember that we do not need to be experts in order to do one. We simply need to be interested in learning and enjoy the wine in front of us. You will see, with the tasting you will enhance the aromas and flavours perception and you will little by little increase your knowledge about the wine world.

That is why we are dedicating today’s post to the principal types of tasting : the vertical tasting, the horizontal tasting and the blind tasting.

In a vertical tasting different vintages of the same wine are analyzed. It allows us to see its evolution and aging power.

In an horizontal tasting we try the same vintage of different wines with common features. This way, we can see different styles of wine, different productions, the vintage effect of a varietal, the terroir effect…

Finally, the blind tasting is probably one of the funniest. You will taste the wines without seeing the bottles. This way we forget about preconceived ideas and we only value the contents. It is a tasting that always reveals surprises so we highly recommend it.

Now that you already know the different types of tasting, we encourage you to come with us experience one. Are you in ?