From Bodegas Cuatro Pasos we have spent years working on the brown bear hábitat recovery in El Bierzo. We have organized several tree plantings to provide the bear with food as well as many other efforts, such as rebuilding cortines (ancient circular stone buildings of Roman origin that were installed in the mountains at the time to protect beehives), the installation of beehives and its population control.

We know lots of you would love to be involved in that project and now we are giving you the chance to do it. Help us create the cuatro pasos universe ! #universocuatropasos

We invite you to participate in a conference which will give you the chance to collaborate not only in this species habitat recovery but also to know more about #universocuatropasos.

On October 22nd, we will celebrate a plantation day followed by an enotouristic experience where you will be able to know our facilities and wines. Do you want to join us?

To register, call 987548089 and enjoy the plantation day, a visit to our facilities to know about our Mencía wine production process and a wine-pairing meal which will blend together with the typical products of the area and our wines.

It costs 20€ and you can register before October 20th, but we recommend to do it as soon as possible since the capacity crowd is limited.